Spine Radiation – Check!

Unfortunately, what should mark the end of my radiation, does not.  On May 1st I had an extensive MRI of my hip.  The next day, Wednesday, I met with my radiation doctor. She was recommending radiation to my hip as well – 10 treatments.  Arg.  She said that with my spine and hip there are structural risks of fracture by letting the cancer grow there.  So, Wednesday after my appt they whisked me away to the CAT scan simulator and were marking my body with another set of tattoos to show them how to line me up on the radiation table.  That was a tough pill to swallow.  I had barely ingested this new information when the next thing I knew, I was speaking in front of 100+ college students in Monmouth.  A little… reality check, I suppose.  Regardless of the emotional toll that day, it was a blessing to be around such a great group of kids.  Another reminder of a wonderful season passed. That night I ended up with a bad drug combo – and was practically out cold for over 24 hours.  The radiation and chemo have been accumulating and I have been feeling pretty worse for wear.  Super tired and super nauseous.  This treatment will continue through next Wednesday. 

Game plan: UGH, I’ll probably cry my way through typing this.  It’s also a little scary and confusing.  My new chemo regime will be on a 21 day cycle.  Day 1, I’ll go in for an IV dose of Oxolyplatin (major neuropothy and cold sensitivity) and Erbatux (rash all over).  On top of that, I’ll be taking the Xeloda pill (5-FU, nausea, diarrhea, etc.) on a 14 days on/ 7 days off routine.  And in 9 weeks we will re-scan to see if it hasn’t done some damage (to the cancer, not just myself). 

I have a scan coming up on the 23rd to get a baseline for this new treatment.  On the bright side, I’ll have two weeks off of everything to ‘recover’ before being hit with the next phase.  If ANYONE finds the pause button to life, will you please push it here?!?  I’ll be ‘off’ from the 17th through the 28th of May.  Doc’s still say no running or jumping, between my back, groin, and hip, I guess there’s a liability.  I have managed to walk across the street a couple times, and made it out on a few errands.  I’m SO thankful for that.  My husband swears my ‘people watching’ has intensified with this bed-rest. 

Please keep my children in your prayers.  I’m all they’ve had since they were 5 and 3, and this has taken it’s toll on their sweet souls.  They NEED God to move in and put their hearts at rest.  They need to feel his care, and know His sovereignty.  They struggle with unanswered prayer… as do we all.  They’ve been dealt a tough hand, and deserve only the best.  It’s unfair.

I guess that’s all the update for now.  It’s always darkest before the dawn, right?

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Elizabeth Jimerson - Praying for you sweet, Shawna, and your beautiful family.

Amber Halpin - We are thinking of and praying for you all the time. Love you AND those kiddos Shawna. Xoxo

Mary Long - It is darkest before the dawn…My heart aches for your little one’s and my prayers will never stop. You have been dealt a heavy hand…but I know that our Lord would never have given this to you unless he knew that you could handle it. I know that you will keep fighting until the battle has been won. I am right here beside you in spirit and fighting right along with you. I love you little girl!

Mary Padilla - Happy Belated Mother’s Day Shawna. Thinking of you and your children all of the time!

kellie - Still praying for you and Scott and the kids. love you so much!

Amber Coleman - Happy Mothers Day Shawna, you are an amazing mother. Praying every mercy and healing balm for you and your sweet kids. You are never far away from my thoughts. Blessings Girl, Amber

Pam Darcy - Happy Mother’s Day Shawna~My heart also aches for you and your children as well as your husband, and you are in my prayers daily. Yes, you are right…It is always darkest before the dawn and the Lord’s mercies are new every morning. May God have mercy on your situation and heal you soon!

Patti Radzik - I am continuing to pray for you and your family. Happy Mother’s Day Shawna. May the love and peace of Christ flood your hearts this day and every day.

Lindsey Rodgers - Shawna my heart aches for you and your children! I will be praying!

Beth - WIll DO MRS. SHAWNA! You and your kids are as tough as nails! Praying, Praying Praying- wish there was more I could say or do. You and your family are amazing!

Jess - Hey hon, sure have been hitting heaven with prayers for Kaleb and Kushaia and of course for your healing. Praying and trusting for Jesus’ well-known, overwhelming compassion to flood over you and your fam.

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