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  • Thank you for stopping by. Shawna's diagnosis of colon cancer came on Friday, May 13th, 2011 and it was defined as stage IV just a few days later. We created this blog to ease some of the communication burden of test results, progress reports, and general information in Shawna's process. Please read the posts below for the latest updates.

    In the meantime, keep the prayers coming!

    Interested in making a donation at a local bank? Find more information here. Otherwise click the link below to donate online.

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Memorial Service

Shawna’s memorial service will be held this Sunday, December 2nd at 2:00pm at Calvary Chapel Corvallis: 2125 Northwest Lester Avenue  |  Corvallis, OR 97330.

In lieu of flowers, please consider contributing to the college fund set up for Kaleb and Kushaiah at Wells Fargo under the account name “Shawna Troncale Donations”.  You may also donate via paypal here.

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Carrie Ramlow - Prayers for comforting embraces, hugs and love to surround Scott and his children today, for Glenna, Shay, Shayna, Beth and Shawna’s Dad, Shawna your light is in all of us who knew you, May The Lord bless you all with His Grace.

Danielle - I am trying really hard to find a way back to be at the remembrance, however if I can’t make it back because of flights…I send all my love, hugs, and prayers to everyone…especially to Scott and the kids!!!

Sheri - I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful time of remembrance. Wish I could be there. I will be in thoughts and prayers.

Amber Coleman - Thank you Jane. I will be thinking of you all this Sunday in San Francisco. If the memorial is available via live Skype will you let me know? Thank you so much, Amber


Friends… today, heaven got unspeakably and exponentially richer.

Shawna passed away this morning and is finally cancer free.

Memorial service details will come as plans are finalized.



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Mary Padilla - I offer my most sincere condolences to Shawna’s family. I had never met Shawna but learned of her through my good friend, and her sister-in-law, Lia. I can say with certainty that the world was made a better place by Shawna being in it. Shawna was the embodiment of pure grace. Her strength and faith were awe-inspiring, and no doubt will live on through her family, friends and everyone she touched. With best wishes to Shawna’s family.

Karen misfeldt - So incredibly sad to hear of Shawna’s passing. She was a wonderful,strong and beautiful person, inside and out. She will be forever loved and remembered. Our thoughts and prayers are with Scott, the kids and her family. Hoping that happy memories will ease their pain during this incredibly difficult time. We love you all.

Joni - Such a loss for Shawna’s family and friends. Our prayers for them will continue.

Penny Edwards - ~ At a loss tonight….I know I am grateful for Shawna not to be in pain any more,but so heart broken for all of her loved ones,and kids… There are not enough comfort words,but to say you are all loved,and thought of by me right now..Praying for comfort……….

Amber Coleman - Tears for this precious family. I will miss, as I’m sure as will countless others, this beautiful woman who finished well. Tender thoughts and love to Scott and the kids, Thank you Jane, Amber

Michelle Nyhus - I am so sorry.

Paige - Jane, dear sister…… God bless you. What a painful journey this has been….. Thank you for all your efforts, love and kindnesses… Our prayers continue for you, Scott and the dear children….. for ‘love stronger than death’ and faith that will survive this heartbreaking loss. (((hugs)) Thank you, again. God comfort you…

Mary Long - Jane; My heart is aching for that beautiful family…My prayers will continue for their healing..I know what they are going through as i am sure many of us have been there. I am thanful that Shawna will not have to suffer any longer. She is with our Lord and pain free. I love that beautiful young woman, she gave me so much as I watched her struggle through, smiles, not complaining, caring about those around her. My love and prayers to all.

Pam Darcy - Thank you Jane, for this very sad but bitter sweet news. We all know that Shawna is so much better off. And yes, now she is finally healed! Please let her family know that we will all be praying for them as they walk through this difficult time.

Love & Laughter

Hello friends.  I know a lot of you are thinking so much about Shawna and the family and are on pins and needles wondering how she’s doing.  The house has been full of family and laughter.  Cooking and eating.  Wine and cards.  Shawna was able to make it to both nights of Kaleb and Trenton’s basketball tryouts last week, which was huge.  She’s spent mornings in the hot tub, followed by visits on the couch, and home cooked meals full of all her favorite things.

Some days are better than others.  She’s being kept as comfortable as she can, and when she’s not sleeping she’s literally surrounded by so much love and laughter.  Shawna’s dad has been here since she was in the hospital two weeks ago, and Beth (her stepmom) arrived last week along with her sister, Shannon, and niece, Shayna.  Kristi, her cousin, came for the weekend, and her momma arrives this afternoon.

Thank you again for all the love and support.  For the endless supply of groceries that feed all the hungry tummies in the house.  For the cards and letters and Facebook notes and well wishes.  There are still 17 days left in the fundraising campaign we started – let’s push those funds over the $10,000 mark before it ends!  You can donate here: http://www.indiegogo.com/lovingonshawna

As you can imagine, we’ve done more talking and visiting than taking pictures.  But here are the few I could gather from the week.



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Emily Trevillian - Wishing you more love and laughter on this Thanksgiving, Shawna! ♥

Pam Darcy - Thinking of you and praying for you. Hope you have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Mary Long - I pray that you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving…my prayers and love go out to all of you. Big hugs to my little one, Shawna.

Emily Trevillian - I keep praying for you and your precious family, Shawna. Like many others, I know that God is The Healer and will not stop praying for a miracle unless he heals you with eternity. I’m also praying for special strength for Scott. I can’t help but notice the look of heartbreak and exhaustion on his face in the picture above. Much love to each of you.

Pam Darcy - Shawna ~ Still praying night and day for you and your family. Sending love & hugs your way. Thank you Jane, for keeping us updated.

Flavia Hwang - We love you, Shawna. We are praying.

Jody McComas - Shawna, you and your family are on my heart and mind a lot. I’m praying continuously for you all. May the Lord bless you with overwhelming peace.

Paula King - Thank you so much for the update! The whole family is constantly on my mind and in my prayers.

Love to everyone, especially Shawna, you are such a bright light in this world!

Kari Patterson - Thanks for sharing this, Jane. Praying every day for you, Shawna. I’m still praying every single day for a complete, divine, miraculous healing. Don’t care what the situation is: Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God You are higher than any other. Our God is healer, awesome in power, our God. Our God. Love you, Shawna. Praying.

Jessica Oelkers - Glad to hear a sweet update. Sounds like some precious days. Lots and lots and lots of prayers!

Carrie Ramlow - My prayers are constant and my heart is full of loving embraces for you Shawna and your beautiful family, love and prayers daily for Hopeful Faith and continued Grace.

Shelly Matthews - Praying for you and your precious family constantly as the Lord continues to press you on our hearts.

Penny Edwards - love to you all…Thanks for the update.. I check a million times a day the blog,and knowing this gives me comfort for you all to be together.. Pounding in prayer,and i will never stop…………..

Vicki Beeghly - We too thank you for the update! Shawna, we continue to pray for you daily! Love, The Beeghly’s

Lindsey Rodgers - Thanks for the update Jane! We are still praying too. Russell and I talked last night and prayed for everyone, he got all teary-eyed too. We love everyone over there soooo much!

Pam Ballard - Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Still praying praying praying…

Darcy - Dear Shawna,
Praying daily for you and your precious family.

Ryan Sugai

Amber Coleman - Thank you Jane, Paige said it best-constant stream of thoughts and prayers traipsing its way from the North Bay to Oregon. Give our girl a wink and a hug from us, Blessings, Amber

Luci - Thank you Jane!

Paige - Thank you Jane, as always…..Yes, Shawna, Scott and the kids are constantly on my heart, mind and in my prayers…constant..first thought upon awakening, last whispered prayers at night…and immediate presence if I am awake.
God is mysterious, but He is all we’ve got…. our Hope… thus, active trust. Hugs, Paige

Surrounded by Family

Hello friends.  Shawna had a successful stent placement on Wednesday and it did provide some relief on the pain.  However, while she was in the hospital, her doctors decided the chemo she was taking was doing more harm than good.  She’s no longer doing any treatments.

And now comes the information I’ve never wanted to write…

Shawna was released from the hospital on Thursday and is now at home resting.  At the moment, she’s actually sitting outside on this unseasonably beautiful November afternoon getting some vitamin D and fresh air.  The sun is shining and the vibrant leaves gently falling from the trees are providing the perfectly peaceful environment she needs.  She is being kept comfortable with in-home hospice and is surrounded by her family.  We know how incredibly loved Shawna is, and how far-reaching her story has been. We are truly overwhelmed by the support.

We continue to request prayers for Shawna’s comfort and respectfully ask that you please not stop by without prior permission.  Again, please no surprise drop-bys.  The limited energy she has in being poured into her children and family.



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Torri - Oh Shawna. . . what an amazing example of love and Jesus you have been throughout my life. . . from being my high school leader, to serving along side of you in ministry, and everything in between, you are and always will be fabulous. My faith has been stretched and increased in intercession for you. My family has grown by your Godly example. . . thank you. You will always hold a special place in my heart. My heart aches. . . and yet we rejoice in the Lord and His plans. He is good. . . all the time.

Carrie Ramlow - Dearest Shawna,
I am in constant prayer for you, your Faith has inspired so many, even myself, praying in church alone a few weeks ago, I was moved by the power of His Grace all around me, lifting your name up with love and embracing you with prayers everyday Shawna. So happy that Shay and Shayna are there with you now, and your Dad and Beth, and soon, your Mom. Much love to you, Shawna, prayers for pain relief, prayers for loving embraces from family, your children, and your husband, prayers upon prayers for you, we love you.

Monica & Duane Shaw - Shawna, I just want you to know that after reading Misty’s post on Facebook it really challenged me and blessed me. So now I too Believe, Hope, and pray for a beautiful Shawna Miracle : ) He is So Able! He is so faithful when we are faithless. God is using you to teach us so much about Himself. You have always been a leader since I met you and you still are. To God Be the glory! Believing, Monica

Dawn Hill - He won’t let you go, though the seasons change, let Him hold you close He’s just a prayer away. When you hear the Father call, run into His arms, go ahead and do it…He will never let you, your husband or your children go. We love you Shawna.

Anna Spence - Dearest Shawna…I pulled out my bible this morning that went with me through college and happened upon a note that you wrote to me in Feb. of 2002. We were at the women’s retreat and I believe it was the first time we had met. I was having a hard time with knowing what God’s will was with the man who is now my husband. Here is what you wrote,
“…I will be praying for you two. You can never go wrong waiting. Hebrews 10:36 ‘You have need of patience, that, after you have done the will of God you might receive the promise.’ It takes patience to do the will of God. But He is ALWAYS worth the wait! Of that I am sure! He yearns for you jealously. He wants a little more time alone with you. Don’t deny Him that.”
I can’t help but read this note, Shawna, and know for a fact that He is not done with you yet. He wants a little more time alone with you. Don’t deny Him that! Like you quoted from Hebrews that after you have been patient and done the will of God you WILL receive that promise! I can’t wait to see His promise to you!! Love you bunches…and am excited to see His miracles in your life!

Mary Long - Shawna, you have shown me what true faith is…how to face life square on and still smile. You are a beautiful soul and a beautiful person. I have become stronger in my faith and my everyday life because of you. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life. My prayers will continue. I love you little one!!!

Tracey - Shawna: Thank you for so bravely sharing your story. Like many, I don’t know you in real life but have come to know you through your blog. I have been driven to pray for you many times and continue to do so as you make your journey Home. “Well done…”.

Amber Halpin - I am in awe of you Shawna. Tears and broken hearts in my world for even imagining our planet without you in it. Desperately wishing I could have gotten to know you better on this earth… Am humbled by the truth that we must live each day with our hearts and minds set firmly on HIM. We never know which day will be our last one.

Peace and comfort Shawna. Precious sister- You are and have been such an INCREDIBLE, strong and obedient daughter to our Heavenly Father and you can do nothing more than that! Now you must rest and wait on Him to bring the victory! The victory is always His. Amen Abba, amen.

I love you. I cannot wait to snuggle next to my sweet sister in heaven for eternity.

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” ~Isaiah 30:15

Amber Coleman - Shawna, I am filled with sorrow and am grieving for you and your family. I read these today- I believe they are for you:

Psalm 119 “I will speak of Your testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed” (vs.46) –your life is a living testimony that is a legacy of the love of Christ.

“This is my comfort in my affliction…” (vs. 50) –Believing and praying this for you.

“Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage” (vs. 54) – I and many others can testify to your love for Jesus that has burned bright in darkness and has inspired songs of faith throughout your pilgrimage. Well done girl.

“Your hands have made me and fashioned me; Give me understanding…” (vs. 73) – You are a beautiful vessel that I am privileged to know. Thank you.

“And that in faithfulness You have afflicted me” (vs. 75) – You are a victor Shawna – you challenge the rest of us to walk with the same courage and conviction in believing LOVE will ultimately have the final say.

I love you Shawna. Praying comfort, peace and joy – you have taught me to knock, Amber

Beth eisenbeis - You are so loved and I am praying for you and your family from Alabama. Thank you for sharing your life, for your honesty and your pursuit of God. You make me trust Him more. You make me want to trust Him no matter what this side of heaven looks like. I love you, beth

Carrie Ramlow - Shawna, prayers upon prayers for you and your family everyday. I am so glad that your Sister will be with you in a few days, your niece will be with me and my family while you spend much needed time with Shay, love you Shawna, may His Grace comfort you.

Tiffanie Fergusson - Hi Shawna,

You are the most beautiful women inside & out that I have ever known. You have been such a physical example of Jesus to me. You have laughed well & lived a life full of more purpose then most people will ever know. There is not a persons life that you didn’t impact for the better. I love you, I miss you & I will continue to pray for you & your family.

You were there for me when I didn’t have very many positive influences in my life…the big sister I never had. My life has forever & will continue to be forever changed simply by knowing you…and the most beautiful part of all of this is that everyone that knows you has a story similar to mine.

Thank you for loving me & know that I am loving on you my dear Shawna.


Tippy Toe

Mary Padilla - Much love to Shawna and her family.

Jessica - This breaks my heart. I pray the Lord will surround her and her family and ease their pain. I too don’t know Shawna personally but her faithful heart has impacted my life forever.

Sarah Emerson Sasser - Tears. Questions. Not understanding but thankful that God holds you Shawna in the palm of His hand. Praying for you and your family. I love you.

Sheri - Shawna and family, you are ever close in prayers. You are greatly loved.

Penny Edwards - Still I pound in prayer,and am so thankful for getting to feel as though I know Shawna.. I feel blessed to have a little of such a amazing women,and she makes me a better wife,and mom,and friend.. I pray for all of you,and your all in my thoughts…

Pam Ballard - I have never met Shawna however feel through this blog that I have. Still praying for her always and her family and friends. Thanks so much for always keeping us updated. It is so appreciated. Love to you all!

Brita Arcuri - Oh Lord, why?! Jane, please keep us all updated, and thanks for being her friend and advocate. I realize the Lord knows the number of our days, and the Lord’s plans for Shawna are good, but WOW. Jane, please tell Shawna how much I love her. How proud of her I am for fighting so hard, and having such an amazing attitude through all of this. Tell her I am praying for peace and comfort, and for beautiful moments with her loved ones. And give her a big hug and kiss for me!
I love you Shawna!

Danielle - Even though my heart breaks and the tears flow down my cheeks in reading this, I know Shawna is God’s girl and He has her! I will continue to pray for Shawna, Scott, and their kids! Thank you Jane for the updates…you are such an amazing person and friend, I am also praying for you. “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers, remembering without ceasing your work of faith, labor of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ in the sight of our God and Father.” 1 Thes 1:1-3 “Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way. The Lord be with you all.” 2 Thes 3:16 Sending my love and prayers!

Kellie - Tears and more tears and prayer. I love you Shawna

Kellie - Tears and m

Anna Johnson - Jane,, You have been so awesome to do these updates… I dont even know Shawna.. but have been so impressed by her life. My prayers will be with her xoxoxoxo and her family :)

Janine - She is loved. And my tears flow down with many others.

Paige - Same here…. speechless yet, ‘we do not sorrow as those who have no hope”….. continuing prayers…. God is able…. yet His ways are not our ways.

Luci - I am speechless. Lord draw near.

Hospital, Day Four

Hello friends.  After last week’s update, Shawna went to have her Friday blood test.  That night she went to the hospital to be admitted. where she’s been for the last four days.  During that time, they performed yet another CT scan looking for fluid on her liver (which they didn’t find).  But her swollen, distended tummy persists  And after four days in the hospital, hooked up to an IV, and with a whole host of drugs at her service, she’s still experiencing labor-like pains.  They did a colonoscopy late last night which showed an obstruction in the colon, almost definitely a tumor.  They will place a stent in her colon tomorrow afternoon to hopefully (finally) relieve some of the excruciating pain that’s been her constant companion for  nearly eight weeks.

As Scott said tonight on his facebook page, “Please pray for a restful/peaceful/safe night tonight, a safe procedure tomorrow, and that the stent will give my amazing wife some much needed relief.”  Shawna will likely be in the hospital for several more days.

Also, if you would like to sign up for a meal to bring for the kiddos through the hospital chaos, please click HERE, or on the “meal sign up” link above.  Misty sent an update out this morning to those of you already signed up regarding the kind of food to bring: “They really aren’t too big on foods that are ‘all mixed together’ and soup is low on their list of favorites as well. Just an FYI, Kaleb LOVES tacos, Kushaiah’s favorite is ribs and Trenton is happy with both the above selections. Pasta is always a winner in this home (Alfredo is well like by all!;)

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Amber Halpin - Amen amen amen.

Tiffanie Fergusson - Shawna,I think about you all the time and I am praying for you in so many ways. Loving you!

Tippy Toe…Toe

Diane Miller - Precious Shawna, you are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers. You are such a special child of our God and your faith is such an inspiration for any that know you. Thank you for the powerful witness that you are to so many.

Carrie Ramlow - Prayers for healing, Lord hear our prayers for healing for Shawna, surround her with your love, Dear Lord Jesus thank you for your loving arms that we have Faith in.

Brita Arcuri - Hi sweet Shawna! You are near to me constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for this journey you are laboring through. I know your life is safely in God’s hands, but goodness, why He allows suffering is beyond me. My Mom loved the song “His Strength is Perfect” by Steven Curtis Chapman, and listened to it often when she was battling cancer – the lyrics are below. Oh Lord rescue my dear friend from her pain! Take care of her family during this time. Bring hope and comfort!
I love you dear friend!

“His Strength is Perfect,” Steven Curtis Chapman

I can do all things
Through Christ who gives me strength,
But sometimes I wonder what He can do through me;
No great success to show, No glory on my own,
Yet in my weakness He is there to let me know . . .

His strength is perfect when our strength is gone;
He’ll carry us when we can’t carry on.
Raised in His power, the weak become strong;
His strength is perfect, His strength is perfect.

We can only know
The power that He holds
When we truly see how deep our weakness goes;
His strength in us begins
Where ours comes to an end.
He hears our humble cry and proves again . . .

Lynnie Poo - Oh how I wish I could bring a meal with a hug to your sweet little crew at home. Praying that the pain will end and that you will be able to enjoy some time away with your wonderful husband very soon. I love you so much, my friend. I hold you in my heart all day long.

Paige - Thank you Jane for the updates and all your love and help…. My/our prayers continue day and night, waking up pleading God for mercies and help…. going to sleep with prayers too….

Mary Long - Shawna, Scott and family, our prayers our always with you, day and night. We pray that the pain subsides and you will be able to show that beautiful smile again. Our love to you always.

Amber Coleman - Praying she will find relief from the back pain. Grateful that she has such an amazing partner in Scott. Knocking!!

Jess O. - Went to bed praying and woke up praying. Agree with Sheri, “Lord, have mercy!” Jehovah=Rapha, we look to You.

Carrie Ramlow - Shawna, I know your Sister feels horrible about having to come home and leave your side so that she can get back to work and Shayna back to school, but I am so glad that she was able to spend some time with you. You are loved by many, including myself, my family and I pray for you every day. God hears our prayers for your comfort and for your release from this pain, we love you Shawna.

Sheri - Shawna, you are so often in my prayers and the prayers of my family. I wake through the nights thinking and praying for you.
“Lord, have mercy!”

Mary - Hi Shawna and Family, Thinking of you always and hoping Shawna is able to find some relief from the pain. Very best wishes to you all. With much love and support. Mary